What is S.N.A.P.?

State Negotiated Authorized Purchasing

The “S.N.A.P.” Program is P.E.M.Co’s exclusive office and classroom furniture purchasing program that was designed for all types of government and educational facilities. The purpose of this program is quite simple: to provide government agencies and educational institutions with a comprehensive managed purchasing program that utilizes all available resources.

This program consists of four major components:

Utilization of Pennsylvania State Contract - Each year, major furniture manufacturers submit bids to the state of Pennsylvania. These contracts contain very substantial discounts that can be applied to the purchase of one or several furniture items. P.E.M.Co’s program specialist will help you to take full advantage of these contracts and to eliminate any of the hassles perceived to be associated with these programs.

Interior design, space planning, and specifications - Building a new facility or renovating an old one can be a very tedious and time-consuming project. As part of P.E.M.Co’s “S.N.A.P.” Program, we offer our assistance in the critical planning stages. Our program specialist will work with your Architect or project manager to gather the necessary information and to assist in the selection of furniture. In cases where an Architect is not involved, we can professionally plan your interior spaces and specify the appropriate furnishings. P.E.M.Co’s program specialist will be able to provide you with additional information concerning this part of our “S.N.A.P.” Program.

Project coordination - P.E.M.Co. has a close working relationship with the companies on the state contracts that we represent. Our staff will monitor and track all orders to insure timely deliveries and keep you informed of the status of your project. Through extensive use of computers, we will maintain your CADD drawings for future reference of your facility. P.E.M.Co. provides a surprise-free installation for your organization or district.

Quality Service — Quality products - Because of our large selection of manufacturers, we can select the best product for your particular situation. By utilizing our team of designers, it won’t cost you any more to have the finished product as attractive as it is practical. P.E.M.Co’s experience ranges from a simple filing cabinet to supplying truckloads of furniture.

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